Removing a tenant from a property can be a lengthy and complicated process, but our high court enforcement officers have significant powers to enable you to regain possession swiftly. We have significant experience in evicting tenants and you can be sure that we always behave legally and fairly, protecting you from any counter claims and lawsuits.

Once you have obtained a Possession Order you will want to minimise any further loss by taking back possession as soon as possible, however the county court is renowned for being slow. We therefore recommend transferring your order to the high court under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984, which enables us to begin the application for a Writ of Possession.

Should you require assistance making an order or making a transfer we can help you ensure that all details are correct. Instructing a high court officer will be more expensive than going through court bailiffs, but you will see in the long run that using high court enforcement is far more cost-effective, especially when taking into account the loss of rental income from any significant delays.

Please get in touch with us at High Court Enforcement, to learn more about the eviction process.


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