If you would like to recover money or gain possession of your property then our high court enforcement officers have the tools and skills to get you a successful result. We work with individuals as well as law firms, utility companies and company houses and treat every case on its merits. Our excellent rate of recovery is a testament to the level of service that we provide.

Our high court enforcement officers can enforce all types of writs including:

Writ of Control

This is the most common kind of writ and will allow us to seize and sell the debtor's goods in the event of a non-payment. This is often the last resort, and is only required if all other recovery attempts have been exhausted.

Writ of Possession

This enables us to recover possession of your property and is most often used to evict trespassers and squatters from commercial property.

Writ of Possession and Control

This writ will allow us to enforce possession of land and also the recovery of money.

Writ of Restitution

If previously evicted squatters have returned to a property, this is the relevant writ that can be enforced.

Writ of Delivery

This writ can be enforced for the recovery of specific assets.


To begin proceedings against a debtor there is just a compliance fee of £75. Any further charges that accrue will be for the debtor to pay if we are successful in recovering money. If we are unsuccessful, then you will not be liable to pay any charges. Unlike county court bailiffs, our high court enforcement officers have a financial incentive to recover payment, and this is reflected in our excellent enforcement rates.

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